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Chef Neha takes Kinoya to London in a partnership with Harrods

London, August 2022 Harrods is delighted to reveal its upcoming partnership with the renowned Japanese restaurant Kinoya from Dubai, recently awarded the Bib Gourmand by the prestigious 2022 Michelin Guide. Currently scheduled to open in 2023, Harrods will bring Kinoya’s signature Izakaya and Ramen cuisine to the UK for the first time and...


7 Cold Brew Tea Recipes You Need To Try

Dubai, 01.08.2022 While in the hot summer months, drinking tea or any other hot beverage may not seem like the best of ideas. But if like us, you love the wide world of tea, and you still want to enjoy the benefits that come with it, why not enjoy the cold brewing alternatives?   Cold brew tea requires more patience than hot brew tea, but the...


7 Salad Recipes You Got To Try

Dubai, 28.07.22 Being an avid reader of Meelz literature, it is safe to assume that you are fully aware of the benefits of consuming vegetables on a regular basis. We are not here to convince you to eat salads, we are here to make your life easier by recommending a few new and delightful options.  So, Our salad-man (newest recruit) has scoured...


9 Must-have Spanish Food Staples for your pantry

Dubai, 26.07.22 If you are a Spanish ex-pat living in Dubai and if you want to cook at home with your partner,   then this post is for you. We are going to share with you the top 10 Spanish staples to have in your pantry. But let’s first have a look at Spanish cuisine's history & status. Spanish Cuisine History & Status Spain has a rich history,...


Chef Faisal Naser & Chef Khaled AlSaadi Supper club collaboration in Lento Dubai

Dubai, 22/07/22 Mark your calendars, this unique supper club by these two local phenomenons is limited to one night only:  Monday, 1st of August 2022 in two exclusive sittings at 7 pm and 9:30 pm.  Taking place in the newly opened Lento Dubai on Al Wasl road, this supper club will be part of a series of Supper clubs hosted by Chef Faisal and...


10 New Decadent Dessert Recipes To Bake At Home

These delectable desserts are certified crowd pleasers: Mini Banoffee Tarts, atomic cake, and brownie kiss cupcakes, and more!   Balance is essential for good health and general well-being. Yes, we like to talk about healthy diets here on Meelz, but we are, at the end of the day, a food platform powered by the best Chefs in the Middle...


7 Juice Recipes To Boost Your Immunity

Dubai, 17/07/22 Travel season is well underway now, with millions of travelers leaving their home countries for the first time since the summer of 2019.  While the doom and gloom of the pandemic are behind us, this does not mean that we can give our immune system a break and forego all the healthy habits that keep us strong and energized. Juicing...


7 refreshing summer dishes to beat the heat.

Dubai, 13.07.22 Summer is in full swing now. A severe heatwave is sweeping throughout UAE. Despite how much we enjoy going out, looking good in a summer outfit and making the most of our summer vacation, the heat can be difficult to manage.  Dehydration, sunburn, skin problems, and heat-related digestive disorders are a few symptoms to be...


Chef James Knight-Pacheco joins Cove Beach as the Group Executive Chef

UAE, July 2022: Chef James Knight- Pacheco’s culinary repertoire continues to flourish as Cove Beach, a stunning award-winning beach club, recently appoints him as its new Group Executive Chef.   Cove Beach boasts stunning seafront locales both in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that comprise of the signature restaurant Two.0. The al fresco spot...


Top Tips for Brewing the Best Specialty Coffee at Home

Dubai, 11/07/2022 According to the United States'  National Coffee Association  and  Specialty Coffee Association , close to 39% of coffee drinkers in the US have tried making their favorite specialty coffee at home and said it does not taste the same. While we do not have comparable research done in the United Arab Emirates, coffee trends seem to...

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