The food world : powered by Chefs

At Meelz, we believe that Chefs are the center of the food world. This is our north star, and we work hard everyday to create products and services that anchor this idea further.

Chefs are virtuoso storytellers: they can touch your heart with a dish, delight your senses with an experience or teach you a valuable life skill with a masterclass that will make you kitchen worthy.

Our platform brings Chefs together and connects them to people, empowering them through technology & logistics, to create more, teach more, and leave a brighter mark on the community.

Ultimately, our mission is to bring you the food world, powered by Chefs. 

Our mission is to bring you The Food World, Powered by Chefs.

Through quality meaningful content, that will teach you kitchen skills and recipes by Chefs & Content Creators that you love,

With delightful Experiences, that will reset your palate, push you beyond your boundaries, and forever widen your culinary horizons, 

And fantastic quality Products exclusively available on Meelz: groceries, beverages, kitchenware and light appliances handpicked and curated by Chefs, delivered to your doorstep all across the UAE.
Meelz empowers Chefs & Businesses
Our Core Values
Love your Customer
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Make Complex Simple
Innovate Big
Learn Non-stop
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