Year of The Tiger Shou Puerh Cake


Grade: Tippy Golden Needle
Vintage: 2021
Weight: 100g
Tasting Notes: Bittersweet, dark chocolate, velvety, full-bodied

This special commemorative Year of The Tiger Ripe (or Shou) Puerh cake is made from Wu Yi mountain tea harvested in Spring 2021, and made ready for sale by early 2022 through wet piling in Menghai. This tea will improve with age and the price makes it ideal for gifting and/or aging. Personally, we love witnessing and tasting the character of pressed tea cakes evolve over the months and years. 

The Chinese have a saying that roughly translates to: Aged for one year, it's tea, aged for 3 years, its medicine, and aged for 7 years, it's a treasure. 


Not all tea is good for aging, only the teas that have been processed a certain way, such as this pressed Ripe Puerh Cake.

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