Haiya Tarik a.k.a "Pass Me The Dim Sum"

Haiya Tarik a.k.a "Pass Me The Dim Sum"

ITMA certified tea Sommelier • Member & Graduate of the Global Japanese Green Tea Association • Member & Graduate Eastern Tea Academy "Xiao Ye" • Prolific Food blogger

Although tea was one of Haiya's earliest passions, it was not her first occupation. Nor the second for that matter. Coming from a career in finance and then marketing, she makes use of the lessons learned to build her tea empire today. 

Formerly known by her Instagram moniker "Pass Me The Dim Sum", Haiya made herself a name as one of Dubai's most recognized food bloggers and photographers. While still active in the field, her focus and efforts are now to spread an understanding and appreciation of high-quality artisanal teas through a new platform called HAIYATEA.  

HAIYATEA (a play on the word Hayati in Arabic - my life) promises to bring tea enthusiasts the best-in-class loose leaf artisanal teas and tea ware, celebrating the second most commonly consumed beverage in the world in the best possible way.

Ossiano, Kinoya, Moonrise and Jun's are some of the names that trust her and her quality products.

You can catch Haiya at her weekly tea Omakase or get your hands on some of the products that retail in her store on Meelz.