Tokoname Kyusu

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This Kyusu is designed for premium quality teas, because the flat and wide shape allows the leaves a larger surface area to open horizontally, ensuring that the leaves graze against each other less, thus releasing less catechin and more of the tea's sweetness and character.  Tokoname ware (Tokoname yaki in Japanese) is a form of ceramic pottery that is produced in the area around the city of Tokoname in Aichi prefecture. This traditional craft comes from one of the Six Ancient Kilns of Japan

Origin: Tokoname city, Aichi prefecture, Japan. 
Maker: Tokonameyaki ware, one of Japan's Six Ancient Kilns, loved throughout Japan for over 1000 years
Material: Clay
Capacity: 150 ml / 5 fl oz (full capacity without tea leaves)
Dimensions: ø 10.5 cm; H 5.5 cm

Handmade Product - Please note that the Kyusu you receive might look slightly different from the pictures above because each piece is handmade and will differ slightly from the other, especially in the shade and tone of the color. 

Care Instructions: Because this Kyusu is made of porous clay, we encourage you to only handwash it, and make sure you rinse and dry it well after every use. Refrain from using soap, harsh chemicals, dishwasher or microwave. 

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