Matfer - Adjustable Frame S/Steel 56X36

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Matfer Bourgeat
Create perfectly baked cakes and other treats with this Matfer Bourgeat 371421 stainless steel adjustable pan extender. This frame's innovative design works to insulate the edges of your product and create a protective barrier. This prevents your goods from drying out and helps them bake evenly. This pan extender ensures uniform height, color, and texture over the entire surface of your product. The straight edges make trimming obsolete and allow you to save time and ingredients. Plus, smooth edges makes icing your cakes easier and creates a more appealing product for your patrons.At its maximum size, this frame opens up to 22" x 14 1/4" with a height of 1 3/4". At its smallest, the frame is 11 3/4" x 8". Due to the adjustability of the frame, however, you can create any rectangular-sized product within the 22" x 14 1/4" range. Simply adjust the frame to your desired dimensions and place within your bun pan rim. Closed corners and straight edges ensure product stays in place. That makes this product a versatile tool for your kitchen and saves you from having to buy multiple pan extenders. Place this frame on a baking sheet and fill it with your favorite cornbread, brownie, or cake batter to produce delicious treats that have straight edges, are baked evenly, and aren't too crispy. This item may also be used for chilling or freezing products. When you're finished, the frame breaks down for easy cleaning. This pan extender is a quality piece that would be a great addition to your bakery or restaurant.

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