Faisal Naser

Faisal Naser

Chef Scientist • Umami Enthusiast • Emirati Kuwaiti hybrid • Social media sensation • UAE Chef representative in Expo Milan 2015

Chef Faisal found his passion for food and cooking while studying in the UK to become a Geneticist in the University of Leeds.

Eager to learn everything he could about the culinary world, he took his first steps by taking the part-time roles in any restaurants that would accept him in the city, ranging from Classical fine dining to more relaxed environments like Fish & Chips shops. These unusual formative steps proved critical in forming his culinary style later in his career. 

It was only after graduating as a Geneticist that Faisal decided to fully invest himself in his passion and joined the Ashburton Chef academy to begin his formal Chef Training. And the rest as they say is history. 

Fast forward a few years, and Chef Faisal ranks within the most recognized Emirati Chefs, with two successful restaurants in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, dozens of collaborations with International Chefs, and hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.