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The carrot is an orange root vegetable and sweet in flavor, with a crisp texture when fresh. The edible part of a carrot is a taproot. Carrots are an excellent source of beta carotene, which is converted in the body to vitamin A that improves night vision, benefits the skin, and is great for the immune system. Carrots also contain minerals like copper, calcium, potassium, manganese, and phosphorus. Sweet and crunchy, Ooty Carrots contain notably high levels of carotenoid lutein, anti-oxidants and dietary fibres. These are beneficial for healthy skin and eyes. Get Fresh Organic Vegetables Online at the best prices! A popular sweet-tasting root vegetable, Carrots are narrow and cone-shaped. They have thick, fleshy, deeply coloured roots, which grow underground, and feathery green leaves that emerge above the ground. While these greens are fresh tasting and slightly bitter, the carrot roots are crunchy textured with a sweet and minty aromatic taste. Gulf Fruits brings you the flavour and richness of the finest crispy and juicy carrots that are locally grown and the best in the region. Carrots provide the highest content of vitamin A of all the vegetables. Brightly orange coloured carrots have pigments like carotenoids and flavonoids, that provide several antioxidants and act as a defence against cancer. They aid in maintaining oral health and also decrease the risk of stroke and other heart diseases.

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