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Black Brinjal has a glossy and smooth blackish-purple skin with soft pulpy flesh. When cooked, it becomes tender and develops a rich and complex flavour. They can be cooked in various ways such as baking, barbecuing, frying or pickling. Contain Fibre, VItamin B2, Folic acid,Vitamin K, Aminoacid. Fibres help keep up the digestion. Vitamin C helps improve skin and hair health. It has a fleshy ovoid berry with glossy smooth skin and numerous small seeds. Eggplants are edible fruits sometimes considered vegetables, they differ in colour as purple or black. It's small and looks pretty similar to a golf ball with a stem. The colour can be medium green, pale green, or white with green stripes. What makes it unique is the crunchy texture and mild flavour. That's why it can be enjoyed raw without removing the skin. Is a low-calorie food that is rich in nutrients and comes with many potential health benefits. From reducing the risk of heart disease to helping with blood sugar control and weight loss. Buy it online fast delivery! One of the bigger varieties, Brinjal Varikatris are egg-shaped with white-purple stripes on the shiny skin. The creamy flesh is enjoyably bitter tasting with several small, soft edible seeds. Thai Brinjals are rich in dietary fibres, Vitamin C and K, phytonutrient compounds and high in anti-oxidants. Keeps a check on cholesterol and blood sugar levels, is excellent for weight loss, brain memory and blood circulation and is also known for preventing cancer and heart diseases. Its high moisture and water content helps in skin rejuvenation. Deep purple and oval-shaped bottle brinjals are glossy skinned vegetables with a white and have soft flesh. Bottle brinjals are a nutritionally rich food item. They are rich in dietary fibres, Vitamin C and K, phytonutrient compounds and anti-oxidants. They help in keeping cholesterol levels in check and help in weight loss while being excellent for controlling blood sugar levels and are also known for preventing cancer and heart diseases.

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