Olive Oil Mascarpone cupcake with Chef Carmen Rueda


Watch this 4k video and learn how to make a delicious cupcake. 

About Carmen

Carmen discovered her passion for all things sweet early in her native country, Spain, cradled by one of the most creative culinary environments in the world. Graduating from the Culinary Institute of Madrid, one thing was always clear for her: To be the best, you must work with the best. From there, her resume only gets better as Pastry Chef: El bulli with Ferran Adria in Catalonia, The fat Duck with Heston Blumenthal in the UK, to Singapore with Janice Wong, and finally Nobu in Warsaw. Travelling is Carmen’s second passion, after pastry, but that does not distract her from her real goal, winning the World Chocolate Masters competition. And she’s gotten quite close with a 3rd place, twice.

The Course

In this Masterclass, you will learn her recipe to create a delicious Olive oil cupcake with chocolate crunch, topped with mascarpone cream. 

The cupcake steps

  • Cupcake ingredients
  • Piping & Baking
  • White chocolate crunch 
  • Mascarpone and Vanilla cream
  • Adding a touch of freshness


Audio in English.