Proteins 101: An online Masterclass with Chef Gregoire

Watch four HD videos and learn to prepare and cook: Chicken, Lamb, Fish, and Octopus.

Gregoire Berger
By ChefGregoire BergerChef Innovator • 🎖Ranked #23 in Best Chef Awards - Milan (2019) • 🎖Winner Most Innovative Chef at Pro Chef ME Awards (2020) • 🎖Winner Young Chef MENA at San Pellegrino Awards (2016) •


About Gregoire

A native of Brittany, the seafood capital of France, Gregoire set his mind on becoming a Chef from a very young age, encouraged to learn the ways of the kitchen by his mother and grandmother. Graduating from the prestigious CFA institute in Vannes, Morbihan, he quickly found his way to iconic Michelin star restaurants, most notably, the two-starred “Le Domaine de Rochevillaine”. From there, his passion pushed him to work with Giants like Paul Bocuse, Frederic Robert, and Pierre Gagnaire, before setting his eyes on Dubai, to come and lead the now World Famous restaurant: Ossiano - Atlantis the Palm. 

About Aurelien

Chef Gregoire's right-hand man for many years, a highly deserved status. Incredibly talented and versatile, Chef Aurelien earned his stripes in the kitchens of Joel Robuchon in the south of France, before moving to Dubai to join the Ossiano - Atlantis the Palm brigade. 

The course

Chef Gregoire & Chef Aurelien take turns in teaching you everything you need to know about proteins, with four easy-to-follow videos.

In these you will learn:


Identify quality chicken 

Break down the chicken into the main parts

Confit the chicken 

Make chicken Jus

Pan-fry the chicken the right way


What to look for in a good lamb rib section

How to remove the bone from the rib section

How to make Lamb broth & Jus

How to make lamb roulade

How to cook and serve the lamb roulade


Break down the Salmon like a Pro

Learn how to filet the right way

Learn how to cure fish

Learn how to make a salmon tartare


Break down the octopus into manageable parts

Prepare the octopus "nage" to slow cook it

Prepare an octopus carpaccio from scratch

Season and plate like a pro!


Audio in English. French and Arabic subtitles are available. 

Equipment required

  • Sous vide machine

    Sous vide machine

  • Baking tray

    Baking tray

  • Colender


  • Non-stick pan

    Non-stick pan

  • Non-stick pot

    Non-stick pot

  • Paring knife

    Paring knife

  • Chef knife

    Chef knife

  • Oven


  • Kettle


  • Chopping board

    Chopping board

  • Stove top

    Stove top