Discover Latin America with Chef Roberto Segura

A Masterclass by Chef Roberto with a 4-course menu inspired by Latin America.

Roberto Segura
By ChefRoberto SeguraPeruvian Chefpreneur • South American flavors Evangelist • 🎖Two-time winner of the Chef of the Year Award (2017) (2018) • 🎖Two-time winner of the Hospitality Excellence Awards (2017) (2018) •


About Roberto Segura

Peruvian by birth, Chef Roberto earned his marks as a Chef in Lima, Buenos Aires and Barcelona before making Dubai his home. Along with the multiple awards that he received over the years, he is known for his flair as a Restauranteur, his interactive Masterclasses and his TV cooking show appearances. 

The Masterclass

Inspired by one of his trips across Latin America when he was much younger, traveling from city to city and surviving on street food. This is a recollection of the most iconic dishes he tasted, from Mexico to Buenos Aires, that he wants you to re-live with him.

The dishes you will make

Smoked Guacamole

Ceviche de mercado

Tacos de pescado

Cazuela de Seabass

Churros con chocolate 

Things you will learn


Time management

Knife skills

Kitchen tips

Tasting Hacks



Monday, September 27th from 7:00pm to 10:00pm


Feast on what you have made! All Masterclasses end in a relaxed and beautiful dinner. 


Chef's Palette - Fairmont Hotel - Palm Jumeirah