Gregoire Berger

Gregoire Berger

Gregoire Berger. Chef Innovator • Ranked #23 in Best Chef Awards - Milan (2019) • Winner Most Innovative Chef at Pro Chef ME Awards 2020

“She used to make this amazing Rhubarb Tart and I still remember the smell. It’s my oldest memory and something I’ve recreated in my kitchen many times.” Chef Gregoire often reminisces about his time in the kitchen with his grandmother, who he considers to be the reason he is where he is today.

French-born, in Morbihan, a region in Brittany, Gregoire got his break in the kitchen early, when at 16, he was convinced by a friend to join him at a restaurant summer job to work as an apprentice.

The rest of his formative years read like a culinary fairy tale, with one common theme: Michelin star grade. Le Pressoir, Le Domaine de Rochevilaine, Paul Bocuse’s Le restaurant Gastronomique in Florida, a short episode in Casablanca and a triumphant return to La Grande Cascade in Paris. 

All these experiences have one purpose: to prepare him for Ossiano, the crown jewel of Atlantis, which he joins in 2015. Undeterred by the previous awards that the restaurant won, Gregoire creates his own menu, received with raving reviews.

In 2019, He makes the top 50 best Chef list, an honor humbly shares with his his team, and a challenge to continue to push the envelope of the culinary world.

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