Greg Malouf

Greg Malouf

Modern Middle Eastern Master • Michelin Star • 2 hats at the Chef Hat Awards • James Beard best Pastry & Bakery book Winner • Published 8 cookbooks

Born in Melbourne to Lebanese parents, Greg Malouf is arguably the most internationally recognized Chef in the Middle East. 

Nurtured in the art of tasting and cooking by an army of Lebanese women from a very young age, Greg’s thirst for culinary knowledge is unparalleled. He trains in France, Italy, Austria, and Hong Kong, before returning to Melbourne to begin his life’s calling: making Middle Eastern Cuisine Contemporary.

Greg’s style was and remains unique: he uses his understanding of the flavors of Lebanon, Syria, Morocco, Turkey, Persia, and Egypt, and applies Western classical techniques to them.

O’Connell’s, Momo’s, and Petersham Nurseries Café are some of the iconic restaurants that he led to incredible successes over the years, with numerous awards including Michelin stars and Chef’s Hat Awards.

Greg is also an accomplished Cookbook writer, having published 8 books and received multiple awards throughout the years. 

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