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Two Nights From Tokyo - Seafood Edition Limited

An exclusive 4-course Seafood Ramen experience hosted by Chef Shun Shiroma.

Shun Shiroma
By ChefShun ShiromaJapanese Ramen Chef • From the World's First Michelin Star Ramen Restaurant • Umami Warrior •


Two Nights from Tokyo

Join us at 3Fils in a super-exclusive 4 course ramen experience over 2 nights hosted by Chef Shun Shiroma, from the world's first Michelin star Ramen joint, Tsuta Japanese Soba Noodles in Japan. 

This Exclusive 4-course menu includes:

Chicken Stuffed Wings 

Clam X Porcini Mushrooms

Veggie Tartare with Tako sauce

48-hour Seafood Paitan Ramen [creamy] 


3fils restaurant, Fishing Harbor 1, Jumeirah 1, Dubai - UAE


Groups of 4

Allergen disclaimer & special requests

Please advise the server should you be allergic to any ingredient / have dietary restrictions.

Time at the table

Limited seatings and portions are available on 27th and 28th September 2021. 5.30pm | 7.30pm | 9.30pm