Orsini Extra Virgin Olive Oil D.O.P Pointine Bio - Red - 250ml

AED 104

Extra Virgin Olive Oil



Ali Sayed
By ChefAli SayedAuthentic Lebanese cuisine Chef • Ancient Levantine cuisine reviver • Social Media sensation • Member of UAE Chef Guild

Organic farming is the commitment that Paola has taken to say no to chemical fertilizers,genetically modified organisms, pesticides and forcing the growth of plants, so that you can eat healthily. The Protected Designation of Origin "Colline Pontine" recognizes the unique and inimitable taste of extra virgin Orsini. It is rich in aromatic fragrances in perfect balance and brings on your table a creamy and fragrant olive juice 100% Itrana.The first rule of quality is to maintain absolute control over our product at every stage of its life-cycle. For this we follow her from olive oil pressed in their mill, certifying all steps. 

The Orsini oil is only high quality Italian extra virgin olive oil certified. The sight is greenand great elegance, aroma is strong and broad with notes of green tomato andartichoke. The taste is wrapping and fruity, bitter and spicy are present and well dosed.

Producer: Paola Orsini

Content: 75 cl

Name: Colline Pontine DOP

Pairing: Ideal with spelled garlic bread with fresh red tomato and buffalo mozzarella.

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