Matfer Professional Frying Pan

AED 183

With 4 Layers Non Stick Coating

Matfer Professional Frying Pan


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Roberto Segura
By ChefRoberto SeguraPeruvian Chefpreneur • South American flavors Evangelist • 🎖Two-time winner of the Chef of the Year Award (2017) (2018) • 🎖Two-time winner of the Hospitality Excellence Awards (2017) (2018) •

About this item

Matfer Bourgeat (Made in France) kitchen equipment are the benchmark for demanding chefs in the hospitality field.

Extra strong aluminium with 4-layer non-stick coating.

Easy to clean grey lacquer exterior.

Handle attached with 3 rivets.

Item dimensions

- 20cm
- 24cm
- 28cm
- 32cm

Made in France