Matfer Flexible Canvas

AED 146

Flexible canvas for baking


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Karim Bourgi
By ChefKarim BourgiArtisan Pastry Master • Social media sensation • 🎖Ranked #3 in the "Patissier dans le monde" competition (2014) • Member of Les Toques Blanches Du Monde • Member of the International Cheese Guild •

About this item

Flexible canvas for baking on a plate of pastries and working with sugar or nougatine.

Can be used with all types of oven. Can be used on a perforated baking sheet as well as on a grid.

Substantial lifespan: up to 2000 cookings. Resistant from -40°C to +300°C.

Easy to clean with a sponge. Made of glass knit impregnated with silicone.

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Made in France