LG Microwave Oven, LG NeoChef Technology, 56 Litre Capacity, Smart Inverter, EasyClean™

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Smart Inverter - Even Heating - Fast Cooking - 99.99% Anti-Bacterial EasyClean™


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Mohamad Chabchoul
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Smart Inverter

LG's Smart Inverter technology provides precise cooking power to reheat and defrost a wide range of foods faster than ever. Thanks to precise temperature control, you can cook a variety of dishes that microwaves were previously never able to prepare.

Smart Inverter1

Even Heating

Even Heating1

Even Defrosting

By adjusting the temperature to fit the job, meat can be evenly and thoroughly defrosted more perfectly than you've ever experienced.

Even Defrosting1


Fast Cooking

Reduce cooking time for any dishes with up to 1200W* of power on your side.

Fast Cooking3

Various Cooking

With just one appliance, you can fry up foods or simply warm them up. Plus, the NeoChefTM can even ferment home-made yogurt.

Various Cooking1

Stable Working

The NeoChefTM can adapt to incoming power levels, which means you can always count on your microwave to perform, even in areas with low voltage, limited electricity or a low-incoming power supply (minimum 300W).

Stable Working1

99.99% Anti-Bacterial EasyClean™

The Anti-Bacterial EasyClean™ interior coating makes cleaning simple and convenient. Just a few wipes are all it takes to clean the microwave interior. The coating eliminates 99.99% of harmful bacteria from adhering to the surface.

99.99% Anti-Bacterial EasyClean™1

LED Lamp

The interior white LED lamp is 3 times brighter and more energy efficient than the lights on conventional models, allowing you to easily check on the food's status without opening the microwave.

  LED Lamp1

Stable Ring

The innovative hexagonal ring stabilizes the turntable with six support points, which prevents off-center items from tipping and spilling during cooking.

Stable Ring1


Capacity56 L Dimensions (W x H x D)606 x 344 x 503 mm
Main TechnologySmart Inverter Additional BenefitEasyClean™
Design TypeDivide ColorBlack Stainless Steel
ControllerGlass Touch Controller UINumeric
Door DesignSmog Capacity56
M/W Power1200 W SensorNo
Out Case ColorSilver Trim of Door / KeypadBlack
DisplayWhite LED Door Open TypeSide Swing
Turntable SizeΦ406 Steam BowlNo
BoxColor LampLED