Alessandro Miceli

Alessandro  Miceli

Alessandro Miceli

Italian disruptive Chef • Authentic • Progressive • Winner of Best Italian Chef at Pro Chef Middle East Awards

"I have always been able to cook Italian food. That's in my blood because I'm half Sicilian..."  Jen Lancaster - Best-selling Author

Alessandro is 100% Sicilian. Syracusian to be specific, born to farming parents, he was innately taught how to recognize good ingredients, how to use seasonality to his advantage, and how to rely on preservation in the hard months of winter. 

His passion for food came naturally as it does for a lot of people in Italy, and his first experiments were at the age of 10, cooking for his younger brother, while the adults in the house were away. Within a few years, he was the unofficial young cook of Casa Miceli, hosting family, neighbors, and friends. 

After completing his culinary training in IPSAR Catering school in Italy, he begins his travels with the first leg in London, working at the Metropolitan hotel. Wanting to work in the city's vibrant restaurant scene, he joins San Marco's at first, and then Piccolino, a famous classic Italian institution, where he lets his generosity and his flair shine. 

With Dubai in his crosshair, he makes the move in 2007, to join the Royal Meridien as Executive Chef. Three Years later, He takes over as Executive Chef of Byblos Hospitality, an up-and-coming F&B institution. But Alessandro's real passion is in restaurants. In 2012, he helps launch Roberto's, Dubai's Best Italian restaurant for years, by critical and popular consensus. Eight years and multiple awards and accolades (Best Italian Chef) later, he moves on to his next Challenge, and most beautiful outlet to date: Bella, a disruptive Italian restaurant, lounge, and Terrace. 

Alessandro loves the old traditions, yet he is not afraid to disrupt them. He is capable of serving you Nonna's authentic Sicilian dishes, and blowing your mind with their molecular interpretation. But one thing is certain: when you dine at Alessandro's, you know you are being hosted by an Italian Chef and you are part of the family.