November 17, 2020

“A Chef must think like a scientist, organize like an accountant, plate like an artist and cook like a grandma…”

A quick search for Chef quotes and Google spits out thousands of results in countless languages most that we don’t understand]. They speak of the lives of Chefs, their origins, inspirations and passions, their kitchens, their temperament, their talents, their qualities, trials and tribulations, famous lines expressed and recorded, whether humorous, inflammatory, sad or joyful.

Google search result: Chef Quotes

This speaks volumes about how society views a Chef, with admiration bordering on reverence, midway between the popular status of a rock star and a guru, their creations celebrated as blessings and their words remembered like canon.

The best of Dubai: a dining experience by Flavel Monteiro

They are the center of the culinary universe, an integral part of a system that employs close to a billion people around the world in restaurants and hotels, food distribution companies and manufacturers, livestock growers, fishing enterprises and fruit & vegetable farmers, kitchenware factories and everything in between. 

Why is it then, that Chefs find themselves at the mercy of other stakeholders in the ecosystem? They are the first to be affected in economic downturns and the last ones to be rewarded in times of abundance. 


We are now facing an economic downturn, one unlike any we have seen in a long time. But there are some glimmers of hope on the not so distant horizon. 

The pandemic has accelerated digital transformation across all sectors, food & beverage included, fully revolutionizing related industries, making businesses more efficient or completely redundant, and completely opening up new categories. 

The greatest startups that were ever created were born in disruptive times, fighting for ideas that went on to become the new normal: Uber, Airbnb, Whatsapp, Groupon and more.

We at Meelz believe that it is time for a new disruption in the food industry, and it starts with Chefs, and this is why we set out the build the first Chef Powered Marketplace in the world.

Growing up in a Lebanese household, my parents instilled in me a love for food from an early age, teaching me how to seek and recognize the essentials of taste and quality. Our kitchen was sacred ground, where my father & mother took turns delighting my siblings and I, patiently enlightening us with the basics of cooking.

I always thought my story was unique, but it turned out to be a common thread that I share with the other team members at Meelz, equally passionate about food, and with the same conviction on the role that Chefs play in our lives.

So, from all of us here at Meelz, this is our own personal tribute to Chefs out there.   

Stay tuned to find out more on our journey in upcoming articles.